The Application of Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) within Sport Science Education: An Exploratory Approach

  • Mark F Smith


Entrustable professional activities (EPAs) have become a popular topic within competency-based practice-based education programmes. This exploratory paper was written to introduce the application of EPAs within sport science education. After rationalising the use of EPAs as a bridge between a competency framework and a practice-based profession, the paper presents a brief illustration whereby EPAs could be integrated into a postgraduate MSc Sport Science module that was aligned to a National Accreditation Framework (British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences). This accreditation framework supports practitioner development through to the point of applied nationally endorsed ‘entrustment’ – that being an Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist in Applied Physiology Scientific Support. For readers interested in appling the concept in practice, a stepwise approach to curriculum development is presented. The paper concludes with an overview of how EPAs can have a place in sport science education in developing work-ready graduates within the field of sport science.